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huh? once the bell hits. >> always prepared. >> ready to go. hey, folks, we are going again on this monday morning. low clouds and fog have surged onshore very wet out toward the coastline a lot of drizzle there. when will we clear things out? we'll talk about that coming up. >> those far right toll lanes are closed until about 5:00 this morning. caused big backups over at the bay bridge all weekend long. they have been shut down since friday evening. slight delays there. we'll talk about your monday morning drive coming up. >> three more commutes on the bridge and that's it. thank you. developing overnight, more communities are being threatened as the "rim" fire grows into one of the largest in california history. new mandatory evacuations as well as evacuation warnings and advisories were ordered yesterday. nearly 225 square miles have burned. the fire is 7% contained. the fire burned the tuolumne family camp owned by the city of berkeley.
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it was evacuated along with other camps in the area. it's been more than a week since the "rim" fire started. alameda county firefighter on the firelines says it will take a lot longer to put it out. >> reporter: how long could it be before the entire fire is out? >> i think 100% dead out is going to be wintertime, months. >> cbs reporter candy brown shows us how firefighters are scrambling to keep up with the unpredictable fast-moving fire. >> reporter: this ridge is the firefighter's focus on the west side. winds up to 20 miles per hour spread the flames sunday afternoon. >> it's unpredictable with the wind. >> reporter: if the fire continues this destruction this far west thousands of homes will be threatened. strike teams are waiting to protect homes just in case this erratically moving fire takes a devastating turn. cal fire cleared brush trying to stay one step ahead of the
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fire. >> slow the fire, stop the fire, give us a place to work, keep it out of the communities of tuolumne and such. >> reporter: their work on the ground also helpful for crews in the air. it gives them a marker for where to drop water and flame retardant. >> they can see the line from up above. >> reporter: nearby homeowners are confident firefighters have everything under control. >> these firefighters are amazing. they will keep us protected. >> reporter: thousands of people are watching their efforts keeping a close eye on the looming smoke. >> impressive. looks like a really coordinated effort. it's kind of comforting to see, a little scary too. >> reporter: firefighters are working around the clock knowing every effort will finally at some point get the massive "rim" fire under control. >> it's been a long last couple of days. >> reporter: the estimated cost of this fire almost $13 million. i'm camby brown for kpix 5. >> the fire has forced the
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closure of two main roads into groveland leavings businesses struggling as people can't get to them. smoke from the fire is blanketing reno more than 100 miles away from the flames. people are complaining about sore throats, eyes and coughing. pollution warnings are extended and fundraising outdoor activities have been canceled. poor visibility prevented care flight air ambulances from responding to some emergencies. in 15 minutes, several people are hurt in two east oakland shootings. the first happened around 2 p.m. yesterday at 80th avenue. someone tried to rob an ice cream vendor and shot him. he is in stable condition. the second shooting happened in the 1300 block of 104th avenue 15 minutes later. police investigated there. police say one woman, one man and two children suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect is on the run.
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a double murder has police looking for a killer. union city police say 911 calls started coming in about 1 a.m. sunday morning after people heard gunshots near 11th and d streets. police found two young men one dead the other lying in the street. that man later died at the hospital. police say they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. these are the first homicides in union city in a year and a half. and in san francisco, officers responded to this scene at 2:15 sunday morning. police found an abandoned party bus, a trail of blood and shell casings. these pictures were taken by a kpix 5 viewer. one woman was reportedly hit by a stray bullet. bliss following the blood trail looking for victims and suspects an hour after the shooting. it happened at 9th and folsom street south of market. the investigation is ongoing. drivers now have less than three days to figure out how to get in and out of san francisco without using the bay bridge. the bridge is closing wednesday night for five days of course
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to finish work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge before it opens to the public next tuesday transportation officials expect other bay area bridges and roads to get crowded. we are counting down here at kpix 5. the bridge will close at 8:00 wednesday night reopen the morning of september 3rd. so make sure you plan accordingly. we have a bay bridge survival guide at if you need to figure out a way to get around town. >> right. we're already planning. i think i'll leave about two hours early. >> good idea. >> hotel reservations. >> not only that. labor day the unofficial end of summer. >> don't say that. >> i know! >> it's already monday, lawrence. >> dragging everybody down. sorry about that, folks. cloudy skies around the bay area today thick enough we're seeing some heavy drizzle out along the coastline. those low clouds and fog surging onshore overnight starting to fill into the bay and some of the valleys, too. cloudy skies out over the bay right now. the temperatures though are staying very, very mild.
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64 degrees in livermore, 62 in san francisco, and 64 degrees in san jose. as we head toward the afternoon, we'll find those temperatures running below the average. 80s inland, a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay and 60s patchy fog out toward the coastline. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we have a photographer near san francisco airport in san bruno. here's a live look at 101 at 380 interchange. headlights northbound it's a smooth ride into san francisco. let's get a check of some other bridges around the bay area. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. notice that drive time at the bottom of your screen, 13 minutes right now out of hayward heading towards 101 and the peninsula. over at the bay bridge they are finally clearing that overnight roadwork. it has been going on since friday. they have those far right toll lanes closed causing huge backups at the bay bridge toll plaza all weekend long. it should all wrap up and the toll lanes should reopen by 5:00 this morning. otherwise, upper deck traffic looks pretty good all the way towards treasure island. westbound 580 coming through
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the altamont pass, you will see not one yellow sensor between the wind turbines and the livermore valley. quick trip all the way out towards the dublin interchange. 880 there is a lot of overnight roadwork this morning including southbound between embarcadero and hyde. that is your latest from the "timesaver traffic" center. back to you guys. >> thank you. sources in the obama administration say the u.s. is preparing for possible military action in syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack outside damascus killed hundreds of civilians. marlie hall reports today the united nations will begin investigating whether poisonous gases. a warning, some images may be difficult to watch. reporter: white house officials say there is little doubt syrian forces used chemical weapons to attack civilians in the suburbs of damascus. aid groups say the alleged attack last wednesday killed more than 300 people including women and children. after days of pressure and meetings with united nations
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representatives, sunday the syrian government agreed to let u.n. experts inspect the site of the alleged attack. syria's information minister says, the regime of president bashar assad has never used chemical weapons. the united nations team will begin a factfinding monday to determine if poisonous gases were used. but the united states is concerned it's too late. u.s. officials argued days of heavy bombing around damascus likely destroyed evidence of a chemical attack. defense secretary chuck hagel says president obama is considering a u.s. response. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. >> reporter: many u.s. lawmakers are cautious about military action. >> number one chief objective should be to secure and destroy these chemical weapons. if we have to do it militarily, then as a last resort, then so be it. >> i certainly would do cruise missiles strikes. i think you can do that without
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boots on the ground. >> reporter: some in the international community including russia say the u.s. should not take action until the u.n. team releases its findings. marlie hall for cbs news, the united nations. >> most americans oppose intervention in syria's civil war. the survey taken by reuters last week shows about 60% say the u.s. should stay out of the conflict. only 9% support getting involved. today a soldier with bay area ties will get the u.s. military's highest award. u.s. army staff sergeant ty carter will receive the medal of honor at a white house ceremony. he grew up in antioch and is getting the medal for his courage during a six-hour battle in eastern afghanistan in 2009 when taliban fighters attacked an army out post. carter says he doesn't like to take credit but he will today. he also hopes to call attention to soldiers suffering from post- traumatic stress from their time in combat. 4:39 now. team emirates new zealand has reason to celebrate this week.
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sailors breezing past their italian competitors on the bay to take the louis vuitton cup over the weekend. they will now challenge team oracle usa for the america's cup next month. this will be new zealand's fifth appearance in the last six america's cup races. reporter: san francisco fog might dampen an airshow or fireworks but it's just part of the game for the sailing teams competing to race oracle for the america's cup. new zealand whisked out of the fog to defeat italy's luna rossa team. >> we mean to go on and do the whole deal at the end, you know. we want to bring home the cup. >> reporter: the win caps a tumultuous summer that saw artemis team member andrew simpson killed. followed by a fierce debate over a physical change to rudders for safety that some teams said would hinder the boats. the alteration was tossed out. despise criticism of the
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america's cup as an overbehind billionaire's sport, bay area sailing fans flocked to watch and defend the races. >> absolutely. i can't think of a prettier venue and the fact that they are still racing the 45s after this is over, i think the excitement is there and people are really enjoying it and i think that's doing a great deal for the sport. >> reporter: just three super high-tech 72-foot catamarans competed to take on oracle for the america's cup. new zealand became oracle's challenger. >> the winner of the louis vuitton cup, emirates team new zealand. >> reporter: the skipper was asked about taking on oracle. >> they are getting better all the time so hard to say what exactly their strength it. it's hard to see any weaknesses. >> reporter: it was nearly a year ago that oracle's 72- footer collapsed in strong winds during a training run on the bay. no one was hurt but it took months to complete $2 million in repairs. 3.5 months later oracle's rebuilt boat was back on the
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bay catching up on lost training time for the ultimate race for the america's cup against the winner of the louis vuitton couple of who we now know to be the kiwis. >> give them one last congratulations. ladies and gentlemen, emirates team new zealand! >> reporter: in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >> a little bit of champagne there. the showdown between oracle and new zealand starts september 7. a problem with the pipes in san rafael causing quite a stink with residents. why they are saying enough is enough. >> and you could soon see some remote-controlled helicopters flying over the skies of napa valley. how these little devices could mean big things for the wine industry. when we come back. ,,
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the sleep number bed. special offer ends labor day. only at a sleep number store. surfers over the weekend. a great white shark sighting monday prompted a five- day closure. the shark appeared in waist stinson beach reopened over the weekend. a shark sighting last monday prompted a five-day closure. the great white appeared in waist deep water but there have
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been no sightings since. people living in one san rafael neighborhood are saying enough is enough. they just can't take the stench coming from a dried up lagoon. >> kpix 5's brian webb talked to some of the neighbors there who say they are tired of getting the runaround. >> reporter: something smells fishy around the spinnaker point area of san rafael. no, really. it stinks! >> it smells like sewage. >> rotten eggs. >> horrible! fishy. >> reporter: when the rain stops falling, these lagoons dry up fast. the water won't even reach the lowest levels measured on this post. and it leaves behind a moist decaying chalky bottom that reeks to high heavens. >> you can see people now beginning to wear masks as they have gone around it. that bad. >> reporter: apparently, these pipes back here are the problem. residents tell me they are broken back in there, hardly letting any water in from the bay. you can tell today it's hardly a trickle. >> it gets warmer during the summer months, then those
4:46 am
organisms start to decay and so they sink. >> reporter: going on two years now, the city and corporate property owners have turned up their noses at fixes the pipe problem each blaming the other and residents are sick of it, literally. >> significant chest problems over the last year, and i have been on medication for six months. and i just had my last scan two days ago. so i'm not too happy with this kind of situation. >> when are you going to fix this? it's making us sick. >> reporter: so until pipes are repaired and rains start to fall, this beautiful community of san rafael will continue to stink. reporting from san rafael, brian webb, kpix 5. >> the city of san rafael has gotten a permit now to clean out and repair the pipe to allow a small amount of bay water back into the lagoon. >> that would be bad, wouldn't it? >> here's the good news, you live on the water. here's the bad news, it stinks! >> along the embarcadero we get that at certain times of year. >> low tide in a lot of places.
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>> smell that rotting stuff there. >> breakfast, anyone? [ laughter ] around the bay area today, we have some low clouds and fog that have surged onshore. it looks like it's a great start to the day but by the afternoon, we should see a whole lot of sunshine. a little drizzle, though, as you approach the coastline. things thick there. but by the afternoon, we should start to clear out except some coastal fog continuing and then below normal temperatures today and probably for the foreseeable future. got this trough just camped out along the west coast pumping in that cooler marine air. that is going to keep the temperatures down quite a bit. so with that in mind, headed around here, temperatures down even around the state around 88 degrees very comfortable for this time of year in sacramento. 93 where they are fighting the fires in yosemite. and 77 in lake tahoe. clouds going to try to break up a little bit pulling back toward the coastline in the afternoon but hugging the coast in the latter part of the day. temperatures are going to be comfortable. you will still see 78 degrees in san jose, 73 in fremont, 63 pacifica. east bay numbers up into the 80s, maybe some mid-80s in the
4:48 am
warmest spots. and then 60s and a few 70s inside the bay. next couple of days, we'll watch those temperatures kind of hovering about the same point but then actually cooling well below the average this next weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. >> and unfortunately, we got a little bit of an early-morning backup if you are traveling into oakland. it's the northbound lanes of 880 between fruitvale and embarcadero. various lanes blocked scheduled to wrap up in the next 10 to 15 minutes but as you can see at the very top of your screen you have to look at the very top you can see a little bit of a bottleneck growing in those northbound lanes because of the overnight roadwork and the drive time is actually in the slow category 22 minutes right now between 238 and the maze. you can see it here on the road sensors. so this is a live look again. as you approach high street it looks like it bottlenecks to the embarcadero exit towards downtown oakland. now, except for that things look pretty good around the rest of the bay area. here's a live look through the altamont pass. 14 minutes to take you out towards the dublin interchange
4:49 am
where we have another live traffic camera right here. westbound 580 looking good this morning and it continues to move well all the way out towards 238 and the castro valley y. bart also so far running on time all bart lines including those heading towards downtown san francisco look pretty good at this hour. that's your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. 4:49 now. japanese technology is meeting california wine making in the skies over the napa valley. kpix 5's don ford shows us how remote-controlled aircraft could soon make agriculture more efficient. reporter: it's kind of small, but this remote- controlled helicopter from japan could have a big impact on the napa valley vineyards. >> this is very new for california agriculture. >> reporter: uc-davis is testing the small helicopter as a cheaper more precise aerial spry vehicle for vineyards. spraying only water for now, it could be used to apply herbicides and pesticides. the chopper is so precise it
4:50 am
can treat a single row of vines at a time and the professor says there are other advantages over conventional cropdusters too. >> there is not a person on board and that gives you the ability to go into smaller areas, fly exploding than a manned aircraft, so the precision is greater. >> reporter: we still need a pilot and steve is specially trained. >> i like to call myself an operator but i am a pilot. >> reporter: it may look like something from a hobby shop but -- >> it's not a toy. this weighs 141 pounds dry before you add any of the payload which is about 61 pounds to it. so you're talking about a 200- pound aircraft. >> reporter: they need special permission from the faa every time it goes up. but these have been around for a long time. in japan, these radio- controlled helicopters on steroids have been in use for more than two decades. and they tell me that currently, there are more than
4:51 am
2400 of them in use. the testing is scheduled to continue for at least another year. in the napa valley, don ford, kpix 5. wall street is aiming for a three-day winning streak to start the new week. the dow closed nearly 47 points higher on friday. blue chips rose on microsoft's biggest gain in four years after ceo steve ballmer said he plans to retire. the nasdaq added 19 points. general motors is returning to football's biggest game. the automaker says it will run ads during the super bowl next year to promote new chevys. gm did not advertise during the super bowl this year. it said the price increase for the ad time was too steep. the marketing director who made the decision has left the company. there is a modern-day gold rush in africa. hundreds of thousands of people are digging for gold in the sands of the sudan. it's believed 50 tons of gold will be pulled out this year. that's five times more than just a couple of years ago. gold could provide a major new source of income.
4:52 am
the country lost revenue from oil when south sudan split off in 2011. stylish women in hong kong can now pawn their high-end handbags to get loan. pawnbrokers are providing 80% of the price of a designer bag. the company can then rent the bag to other customers. the owner of the finance company says the purse will be handed back once the sloan paid off at 4% monthly interest within four months. >> you think about it, though, bags are expensive. >> apparently. >> a lot of money. time now 4:52. did you catch the vmas last night? who stole the show and how he celebrated in a big way. >> and why are these daredevils doing this? we're going to take you to the world series of cliff diving. and it's coming up next. ,,
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we'll have your complete forecast coming up. >> a little wet on the golden gate bridge camera. otherwise the bay bridge toll plaza cruising right along. they should be re-opening those far right toll lanes that caused some big backups over the weekend here any minute. san mateo good in both directions. the butler served up a second weekend at the top of the box office. film about a white house butler who witnesses history took in $17 million. five. justin t e stole the show at the m-t-v vid ic awards. "justin timberlake, (applause) timberlake won video of the year, and justin timberlake stealing the show at the mtv video music awards last night. >> justin timberlake! >> he won video of the year
4:56 am
and also got a lifetime achievement award. what's he, in his 30s? good for him. he celebrated by performing with his former boy band and taylor swift took home the award for best female video for her song, i knew you were trouble. best male video honors to bruno mars for locked out of heaven and mclemore and ryan lewis took home the top hip-hop video award for can't hold us. we would show you miley cyrus's video. >> no. >> it's crazy. >> justin timberlake was awesome. professional divers took their sport to the next level in boston jumping from buildings to the waterfront. they call it urban cliff diving. divers launch off buildings 90 feet above the water line. red bull word series of cliff dave stopped in boston this weekend. -- diving stopped in boston
4:57 am
this weekend. 4:56. a military action in syria in evidencable? could be. coming up, what's happening today that could force the united states' hand. also ahead. >> it has decimated us. it has killed us. >> inside the firelines. the devastating impact the rim wildfire is having on businesses. ,,,, people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this labor day, don't invest in a mattress until you visit a sleep number store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale.
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queen mattresses now start at just $599. and through labor day only, save 50% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store.
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firefighters are amazing. and they will keep us protected. >> firefighters are keeping the flames from the "rim" fire from reaching mountain communities. but the battle near yosemite is far from over. >> i can't think of a prettier venue. >> emirates team new zealand! >> a big trophy and win for the kiwis. team new zealand vans to the america's cup fines. >> smells like sewage. >> rotten eggs. >> horrible, fishy. >> it's the stench coming from a dried-up lagoon and it's a stinky problem in one bay area community. >> the u.n. everyone team will begin a factfinding mission monday to determine if
5:00 am
poisonous gases were useed. >> hundreds of civilians killed in syria after a suspected chemical weapons attack, the investigation to figure out whether it was really poisonous gas. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> he takes a home run away -- >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, august 26. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on the nose right now. we have some new developments this morning on the "rim" fire up in the sierra foothills. it's now one of the biggest fires in california history and is threatening more communities there. some new mandatory evacuations as well as evacuation warnings and advisories ordered yesterday. nearly 225 square miles have already burned. the fire is only 7% contained. the fire has burned the tuolumne family camp owned by the city of berkeley. the camp was evacuated last tuesday along with other camps

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